The Day Has Come!


Moments.. A Fair to Remember May 30-31, 2015

As this was my first time to join a Bridal fair, my setup was quite simple as I wanted it to be.  But mind you, no matter how simple this was I got a little tensed which I guess was pretty normal for a first timer.  For my presentation,  I just made a short AVP showcasing some of my works, my tarp stand, my business cards and flyers.  The paper flowers on the table where from a friend. I wanted to put it somewhere up but was too late to think about it.  DSC_0063 DSC_0065 DSC_0066This was all about having to experience a Bridal and Debut Fair so whatever the turn out I’m still thankful for the learnings, experience and the opportunity to be a part of it. Thank you Heavenly Father for the people who supported me in their own ways for this to happen and for the people I have met during this event. May this event bring fruit to my endeavor.

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